Publishers Spotlight: Nisos:  Your Managed Intelligence Partner
Gary MiliefskyGary Miliefsky

Publishers Spotlight: Nisos: Your Managed Intelligence Partner

Nisos is the Managed Intelligence™ team you need to consider working with to solve your most complex security challenges. They deliver smarter defense and more effective responses against advanced cyber attacks, disinformation, and abuse of digital platforms. Nisos supports your internal efforts by taking an “outside the firewall” approach.

Publishers Spotlight: Nisos:  Your Managed Intelligence Partner

61% of security professionals find it difficult to conclude actionable insight from their threat intelligence solutions  (source: “Vanson Bourne, 2022,” research commissioned by Nisos)

Intelligence to Mitigate Loss

Threat actors target your enterprise with innovative attacks designed to maximize monetary gain. Protecting your bottom line and leveling the playing field against savvy fraudsters requires finished, adversarial intelligence from a team of expert fraud hunters.  Corporate security today is not easy. The threat landscape is quickly evolving. The expertise and technology needed to effectively stay one step ahead of the adversary is beyond the physical security domain. The volume and diversity of threats is increasing.  Reduce your losses and risk. Stop financial fraud and illicit activities.  Gain insight and disrupt threats to your omnichannel retail assets, customers, and employees.

“Nisos provides a level of intelligence that is timely, relevant, and actionable. Their monitoring, analysis, and investigation services have been a critical component of our diligence process, enabling us to quickly quantify risk and accelerate acquisitions.” – Jason Button | Lead for Security, Integration, and Mergers for Cisco Systems, Inc.

Reduce Your Risk of a Breach

Elevate your cybersecurity program with analyst-led Managed Intelligence. Arm your teams with 360° risk visibility, immediately useful threat intelligence, and expert guidance to protect your organization.

“They trust and look to Nisos when support is needed to address complex security challenges. Throughout the course of our relationship, their ability to conduct tailored evidence collection and analysis to aid in our security investigations has enabled us to mitigate significant risks across cybersecurity, disinformation, fraud, and physical security.” – Andrew Stanley | Chief Information Security Officer for Mars, Inc.

Disrupt Threat Actors

Maintaining trust in your platform and staying one step ahead of adversaries has never been more challenging, as the volume and sophistication of threats is increasing. Nisos empowers your teams with insight and disrupts threat actors who use your systems for monetary gain.

By engaging an “adversarial mindset” – They can support and integrate with your existing security team to attribute actions to adversaries and proactively or reactively help you leverage intelligence to make better-informed decisions, controls, and minimize negative impact on your business, brand, and people.

“Nisos finished intelligence is powered by technology, perfected by humans.  Our analysts know their tradecraft, have extensive expertise and experience, and serve as an extension of security teams to help them shut-down threats,” said David Etue, CEO of Nisos.

Publishers Spotlight: Nisos:  Your Managed Intelligence Partner

Nisos disrupts adversaries before they cause harm to your organization.  Learn more about them at:

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