Project Beresheet:  Unhackable Lunar Module About To Land on Moon

Project Beresheet: Unhackable Lunar Module About To Land on Moon

At 3:25pm ET, Project “Beresheet” is about to land on the Moon.  After many years of planning and preparation, Israel has stepped up to the plate to be the first country to land a lunar module since December 11, 1972 when Apollo 17 made the journey. The last manned landing on the Moon to date, which took place on December 11, 1972, was made by Commander Eugene Cernan and lunar module pilot Harrison Schmitt who was also the first scientist on the Moon.

Back then, we didn’t have to worry about cyber threats and internet hackers, however, Israel, famous for launching the world’s first antivirus software, the world’s first firewall and many other innovations in cybersecurity, faces a threat of cyber exploitation against their first Lunar mission.

Project Beresheet:  Unhackable Lunar Module About To Land on MoonAfter years of planning and preparations, Israel is finally set to land on the moon and we are only minutes away.  SpaceIL and IAI have been working all night on last calculations after the successful maneuver yesterday evening.  Beresheet’s planned landing time: 10:25 pm Israel time (3:25 pm ET).  The landing process will start at 10:05 pm Israel time (3:05 pm ET) and the live broadcast will begin at 9:45 pm Israel time (2:45 pm ET) only 10 minutes from the time this article is published exclusively at Cyber Defense Magazine @CyberDefenseMag #CDM for this historic event of #Israeltothemoon.

To channel the historic landing event, we will manage three main points of coverage, following are the three points and the times of arrival for the coverage:

The control room in Yahud – The reporters and filming crews must arrive no later than 6:30 pm Israel time (11:30 am ET) – approvals have been received and the lists have been closed. Please update with changes only: Avivit 0526135914

Viewing event in Tel Aviv – Will take place in David Intercontinental hotel, this is a closed party with hundreds of the association’s guests, The guests have been invited for 9:00 pm Israel time (2:00 pm ET)

Live Broadcasting:  Live on SpaceIL’s Youtube channel:

Embedded here:


This is a historic moment for humankind, yet again.  In this case, we see that many computers and internet enabled technologies have been leveraged – opening the doorway for cyber threats.  Israel has put up its “Cyber Dome” for this mission and it appears they, once again, know how to defend against the latest forms of exploitation over the Internet.  With history in the making, please enjoy the show!

Source:  Cyber Defense Magazine

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