HORNE Cyber and Higginbotham Partner To Help Clients Reduce Costs & Lower Risk

Houston, Texas:  HORNE Cyber today announced a new partnership with Higginbotham for Day Two Services®. Higginbotham’s Day Two Services® will help clients identify, qualify and quantify cybersecurity exposures before a breach or other incident occurs.

Whether it is developing and implementing a basic security strategy, investing in security solutions, or remediating vulnerabilities identified during penetration testing, the HORNE Cyber industry-leading team will work alongside Higginbotham clients to ensure that strategic goals are met and cyber security is strengthened. This serves to not only increase the client’s cyber resiliency but also helps to improve the company’s overall risk profile, reducing exposure to risk and lowering the cost of transferring what risk remains.

“We are very excited about our partnership with HORNE Cyber. As companies pivoted to adapt to new, stay-at-home working conditions, many inadvertently opened thousands of “virtual back doors” to their computer systems.  As a result, commercial networks are more exposed to cyber-risks than ever,” said Ted Dimitry, Higginbotham Practice Leader. “HORNE Cyber will help our clients be more resilient to cyber threats in this new environment and, in the event that a cyber-breach should occur with one of our clients, HORNE Cyber stands ready to help our clients recover quickly.”

As part of its suite of cyber resiliency services, HORNE Cyber can provide IT Risk Assessments to Higginbotham clients seeking to obtain a “deep dive” evaluation of cyber security risks, both seen and unseen.

“By partnering with a stellar organization like Higginbotham, we’ll be better able to serve clients on both sides by managing risks. HORNE Cyber and Higginbotham align on values in addressing client risks and needs,” said Stacey Horne, HORNE Cyber Solutions, Business Development Director. “Reducing risk profiles and lowering loss control ceilings are a win for all parties and a great recipe for a partnership.”



Founded in 2015, clients rely on HORNE Cyber to proactively build their cyber-resilience.

HORNE Cyber’s offense-oriented approach to cybersecurity uncovers hidden cyber risk and significantly reduces exposure to security threats, allowing you to stay compliant with ever-growing regulations and use technology as a lever for growth.

Higginbotham is a single source for insurance and financial services that brokers business insurance, employee benefits, retirement plans, executive benefits, life insurance and home/auto insurance from more than 250 regional and national carriers. It supplements coverage with in-house risk management, benefit plan administration and human resources services.

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