Hacker House Shakes Up InfoSec with Intensive Training in Grimbsy

Hacker House, the cyber security firm which found itself embroiled in a political storm last November, has announced its first UK class-based training for over two years. The much-anticipated intensive four-day training will be delivered by company CIO and world-renowned ethical hacker, Matthew Hickey (@hackerfantastic), at the Enterprise Village in Grimsby from March 30th to April 2nd2020. It comes after an intense period of focus on the development and launch of the company’s popular online training course, Hands-On-Hacking™.


Hacker House is gaining wide recognition for its unconventional approach to cyber security training, which turns traditional InfoSec on its head. Instead of focusing on defence, Hacker House teaches students to operate from the point of view of the adversary. In other words, students are taught to attack their own systems – just like a hacker would. The course covers the very latest attack and mitigation techniques, including advanced methods such as brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, and SQL injection within sandboxed environments.


“Even many of the most experienced penetration testers have never used brute force or DDoS attacks before in order to test their systems. It’s not their fault – this approach has simply never been in the culture of cyber security training before, much of which is still languishing in out-of-date material and defence-focused techniques such as scanning,” explains Jennifer Arcuri, CEO of Hacker House.


“But the value in learning the techniques used by hackers is that it empowers InfoSec professionals to secure their systems on a much deeper level than they will ever have been taught before. Additionally, the purple teaming skills that students come away with help them to implement effective security cultures throughout their companies, from receptionists to board members.”


The heavy theory focus of traditional InfoSec training is also thrown out of the window, with Hands-On-Hacking students launched into virtual quarantined environments in which to practice their skills.


“We do, of course, cover essential theoretical knowledge, but generally book-learning is not effective in cyber security. Especially for those naturally inclined towards ethical hacking – these are people who like getting hands-on with systems, breaking and making them. With Hands-On-Hacking, we created a course that we would want to do, where the bulk of learning happens through the practical application of skills,” said Ms. Arcuri.


The four-day course has space for around 12-25 students, giving all participants plenty of opportunity for direct assistance from Matthew and the Hacker House instructors. It is ideal for existing InfoSec professionals, from CIOs to I.T. staff, as well as those looking to kick-start a career in cyber security. Prices are from £1,795 + VAT for the four-day training plus 12 months access to Hacker Houses’ online course, Hands-On-Hacking.


“We’ve included access to the online training in order to give in-class students the opportunity to revisit training modules covered during the four-day event, to really help them consolidate their skills and allow them to gain their certificate when they are fully ready.”


“The problem with a lot of traditional in-class training is that students simply scan material and learn only what they need to pass the test at the end of the week, so skills retention can be low. We don’t want that. We want students to be completely confident in their skills and apply them effectively in the workplace,” said Arcuri.


To find out more information about the training in Grimsby, please visit https://hacker.house/grimsby-training/


Editors notes:

Hacker House is a cyber security training firm led by world-renowned ethical hacker Matthew Hickey and tech entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri. With an aim to effectively and quickly close the skills gap in cyber security, Hacker House equips students and corporations with the mindset and skills required to secure systems and prevent malicious attacks. Through its pioneering Hands-On-Hacking course, the company is bringing financially accessible and highly effective purple teaming skills to the forefront.



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