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    Nairobi, Kenya

    The power and potential of African ICT Sector in the mobile and internet penetration remains comparatively low in Africa, never before in the history of the continent has the population been as connected as it is today. The ICT sector is both socially as well as economically relevant to the African Continent and it has been a major economic driver in the Sub-Saharan Africa region over the past decade.

    On 8th - 9th  July 2019 We TraiCon,  will be hosting the World ICT Forum at the Mövenpick Hotel & Residences in Nairobi, Kenya to explore the latest innovations and trends with in the ICT Sector while exploring their potentials in the near future.

    This world’s leading ICT Experts and Innovators will meet in Kenya to discuss about the key trends, opportunities , challenges  and innovations shaping Africa’s ICT ecosystem, hear from the leading experts from both the government and private sectors who are looking forward to further develop the applications and test user case studies .  Senior leaders and industry experts from African Telecomunication Union, Konza Technopolis Development Authority, ICT Authority , Communication Authority as well as United Nations Economic Commission for Africa among many more Industry experts will be sharing the latest industry insights, This Platform will also play a major role to create useful connections, discuss valuable business deals and make ground-breaking company announcements.

    The World ICT Forum- Nairobi 2019 is a strategic high-level summit covering major industry trends and ICT developments for smart infrastructures, urban planning, sustainable mobility, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain implications, smart healthcare, smart security, and much more. The World ICT Forum is a Global Platform that has been carefully designed to deliver maximum value in terms of  Time and Return on Investment to all the Participating Key Stakeholders from the attending this forum various  sectors including Manufacturing, Logistics, Banking, Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Agriculture, Information Technology ,Telecommunication, Construction, E Commerce and so on. 

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