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September 14 - September 15

The ONLY Blockchain-focused event for the oil & gas industry


Join the oil and gas blockchain ecosystem to learn, network, innovate, and strategize to maximize your technology investments.

Operators, service companies, EPCs, and industry stakeholders need to increase their level of awareness and understanding of blockchain. As shown in ongoing pilots, blockchain is being applied to commodity transport, JV Management and Seismic Data Management, with many more applications being investigated.

The conference will highlight opportunities to create industry solution frameworks and guidelines, leveraging blockchain technology to reduce costs, improve timelines and eliminate disputes in any given process.

A key focus of the 2022 conference will be blockchain as an enabler for carbon tracking and mitigation – the generational driver for oil and gas companies today. 

The Oil & Gas industry continues to operate in challenging times with compressed margins, reduced resources, and funding and an ever pressing need to find, extract, produce, and refine hydrocarbons more cost effectively. 

Blockchain is part of the solution.



  • Blockchain networks are de-centralized, mitigating the risk posed by single points of failure and, thereby, dramatically increasing Reliability.
  • Blockchain networks are designed with visibility and transparency at their core, engendering trust and confidence among all participants.
  • Blockchain transactions require the identity of all participants, on a network or in transactions, to be validated by the network or by other participants, significantly mitigating the risk of identity fraud.
  • Blockchain transactions are powered by Smart Contracts; lines of code that can automate the administration and governance of transactions according to the criteria and standards defined by their corresponding paper contract.
  • Blockchain transactions are immutable.  They cannot be deleted so all parties can trust that their data is, and will remain, fully auditable.



CONNECT with the world’s most trusted community of oil and gas blockchain thought leaders

DISCOVER the latest ideas, research, strategies, best practices and case studies

NETWORK with your peers from oil and gas operators  and service companies through the conference online networking platform 

EXPERIENCE the presentations live, or on-demand after the event – for your convenience

INTERACT with speakers, partners, insiders and solution providers in the interactive exhibition zone



10th Anniversary Exclusive Top 100 CISO Conference & Innovators Showcase