Cyber Security Leaders 2017

Congratulations to the Cyber Security Leaders of 2017…Here are all Top 50:



“Apcon offers state of the art network tapping and failover technology that should be at the heart of every IT security team’s portfolio”


Aperio systems innovative Data Forgery Protection™ (DFP) Technology provides the last line of defense for protecting industrial control systems and increasing resilience against cyberattacks”

Attivo Networks

“Attivo Networks changes the game on the modern-day human attacker leveraging advanced deception technology and traps designed to deceive attackers into revealing themselves.  It’s truly impressive”


“The Barkly Endpoint Protection Platform blocks today’s most sophisticated attacks without adding complexity.  It’s an incredibly powerful endpoint protecton tool for your arsenal”


“The Belarc products take software licensing, network, asset and configuration management to a new level”


“The BUFFERZONE solution is a unique, transparent virtual container that protects any application that you define as insecure including web browsers, email, Skype, FTP and even removable storage.  It’s an impressive solution to help get one step ahead of the next threat”

Chaitin Tech.

“Chaitin Tech Safeline is an innovative Web Application Firewall worthy of serious consideration”


“Coalfire is the cybersecurity advisor that helps private and public sector organizations avert threats, close gaps, and effectively manage risk”

Cronus Cyber

“Cronus CyBot is the world’s first patented automated pen testing solution and we applaud them for turning this heavy lifting process into a point and click event”

Cyber Observer

“Cyber Observer is a high-level management & awareness software solution designed for CISOs, CIOs, SOC & Senior IT managers to specifically address their pain points, delivering comprehensive and near-real time understanding into the posture and maturity of their entire cybersecurity ecosystem”


“CyberSift allows you to leverage your existing security deployments while applying Artificial Intelligence to reduce detection times and is easily deployed on premise or in the cloud”


“CyberVista delivers comprehensive, well structured training for boards and executives so they can begin to think critically about the significant cyber issues facing their organizations”


“It’s time we go beyond traditional antivirus to fight ransomware, advanced threats, fileless malware and malicious documents – enter Cylance with powerful artificial intelligence to help solve endpoint security risks”


“DarkOwl’s data platform allows companies to see in real-time the theft, breach, or other compromise of their proprietary data on the darknet”


“EdgeWave reduces the risk of fraudsters stealing your customer identities by continuous online id verification using behavioral intelligence”

Edgewise Networks

“Edgewise Networks is a leader at trusted application networking by protecting application workloads with machine learning based network security which can even stop the most advanced lateral movement of malicious actors “


“Egress solves the data security issue for file, workspace and email to protect shared information throughout the data lifecycle”


“Erkios Systems delivers an innovative solution to physically protect hardware ports on a critical infrastructure device while providing auditing capabilities through the logging, monitoring and alerting”


“Exabeam’s machine learning for advanced threat detection is a powerful cyber defense weapon for an cyber defense and incident response arsenal”


“Fenror7 uses a brilliant model of time-based security to reduce TTD (Time To Detection) of hackers,malwares and APTs in enterprises and organizations by 90%, which is a breakthrough in our industry”



“FFRI delivers one of the most innovative, light-weight and powerful multi-layered endpoint security solutions that actually works.  It’s brilliant”


“HackerArsenal’s tiny WiMonitor device makes Wi-Fi penetration testing and packet sniffing incredibly fast and easy”


“The Indegy platform secures Industrial control systems (ICS) networks with real-time situational awareness effective security and change management policies to prevent unauthorized activities on critical infrastructure”


“Inky’s Phish Fence is one of the most advanced anti-phishing solutions on the marketplace.  Most attacks are delivered by spear phishing and Inky is one step ahead of these new threats”


“Jumio delivers the next-generation in digital ID verification designed to help businesses reduce fraud in an innovative, cost-effective solution”


“KnowBe4 is a very powerful and popular integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks”


“Lastline Breach Defender is a breach protection system that uniquely provides a dynamic blueprint of a breach as it unfolds in your network. This blueprint provides your security teams with complete breach visibility, displaying movement of the attack across your network.”



“We’re extremely impressed with the GoAnywhere managed file transfer solution which enables organizations to automate, secure and audit all of their file transfers from a single, centralized location”


“Minded Security helps businesses and organizations to build secure products and services both in the web on the server side as well as on the client”


“Secure-K Enterprise is a revolutionary encrypted Secure Operating System tuned for enterprise compliance and fitted in a robust USB body for data protection, privacy and security.  Very impressive”

Nehemiah Security

“NehemiahSecurity enables near real-time situational awareness of the entire IT environment and the state of the organization’s risk posture and defenses, including the exploitability of its critical business systems”


“NuData reduces the risk of fraudsters stealing your customer identities by continuous online id verification using behavioral intelligence”


“Nyotron’s threat-agnostic defense finds threats that traditional endpoint protection solutions cannot detect, letting you secure the data on your endpoints and critical systems and closing major security gaps”


“PacketSled delivers real-time, continuous monintoring for advanced threats and policy violations missed by other defenses, then analyze and remediate in record time”


“PerimeterX prevents automated attacks by detecting and protecting against malicious web behavior. By analyzing the behavior of humans, applications and networks, PerimeterX catches in real-time automated attacks with unparalleled accuracy”


“Power Fingerprinting (PFP) is a unique approach to cybersecurity that utilizes analog signals (AC, DC, EMI) to detect whenever unauthorized modifications have compromised the integrity of an electronic system.  It’s brilliant”


“PlainID offers a simple and intuitive way for fast-paced organizations to create and manage their authorization policies with best practices in policy-based access control”


“Qualys delivers one of the most robust and cost-effective vulnerability management and compliance solutions available on the marketplace today”


“Remediant’s SecureONE provides agentless continuous monitoring & protection at scale for privileged/service accounts. Reduce the time required to implement and operate a “zero trust” access model.  Couple two-factor authentication with “Just In Time Administration” for protection against stolen administrator credentials used to exfiltrate sensitive data.”


“ReversingLabs delivers in-depth file analysis with distributed YARA rules processing for identifying threats and data spillage, policy violations and regulatory risks in real-time”


“RiskVision is the world’s first enterprise risk intelligence platforms specifically designed to help organizations throughout the entire risk management lifecycle”




“MalwarePot uses android container technology to build an environment similar to the real device to deliver in-depth analysis results for the most advance android malware”

Scram Software

“Scram Software secures the cloud against a constant barrage of hacking, intellectual property theft, sabotage, accidental deletion, copyright infringement and identity theft”


“SonicWall provides cost effective next-generation firewalls and award-winning network security solutions to prevent breaches “


“Stormshield is a very impressive European leader in digital infrastructure security that offers smart, connected solutions in order to anticipate attacks and protect digital infrastructures”


ThinAir is a very unique and purpose-built insider detection & investigation platform designed to address one of the biggest security problems – the hidden risk of the trusted yet malicious insider”


“ThreatBook is able to take on the latest zero-day malware and share the latest zero-day threat intelligence”


“Titania is the standard for helping you find your network and security gaps before the hackers, malware or malicious insiders with powerful security & compliance configuration auditing tools”


“TriagingX provides complete protection for endpoint systems and datacenter servers against zero-day attacks without requiring any patches. It’s game changing”



“Ziften empowers IT operations and security teams to monitor and act quickly to repair user impacting issues, improve endpoint risk posture, speed threat response, and increase operations productivity”


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