In these trying times, I wanted to share with you, one of the most impressive solution that I’ve seen for Desktop as a Service (DaaS) that nearly instantly provides remote working to your local, regional and international workforce hosted on the cloud, globally.

It’s a remote office solution that is:

  • Incredibly Fast
  • Very Secure
  • Easy To Manage
  • Deploys in Minutes
  • Works Globally

After seeing DaaS management in action, ease of deployment, running at both upload and download speeds currently close to 500MB per second from a tiny slow home and very old cable model connection, (we tested it on a very slow link and it ran our desktop for both uploads and downloads like a rocketship), so I’m sold.

The link to learn more is here:

It’s from BetterWorld Technology, Inc. and their CTO is that famous cybersecurity guy, James Gorman who always closes his keynotes with “Stay Hack Free!”

To US Navy Veteran James “#StayHackFree” Gorman, congratulations on providing an excellent solution to a shifting economy of remote working and telecommuting.  

Click here to learn more.



Semper Fortis!

Very respectfully,

Gary S. Miliefsky, fmDHS, CISSP

Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine

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