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AlienVault discovered Watering Hole attacks using Scanbox for reconnaissance

Security experts at AlienVault discovered a series of watering hole attacks using the Scanbox reconnaissance Framework that is targeting several industries. Security experts at AlienVault Labs have uncovered a watering hole attack with a singular characteristic, the attackers are using a framework developed for reconnaissance as...

The Chinese Government runs MitM attack on Google users

The Chinese Government is running a MITM attack on SSL encrypted traffic between Chinese China Education and Research Network and Google. Google website, like many other web services, is blocked by the Chinese Government, which operate a rugged censorship on the Internet content. But...

CERT disclosed the list of most popular vulnerable Android apps

The CERT has published the results of its test conducted on popular Android applications that fail to properly validate SSL certificates. In several posts we have discussed about the improper validation of  SSL certificates made by mobile devices, recently we mentioned the...

Namecheap accounts compromised using the CyberVor’s archive

Hosting provider Namecheap warned its customers that hackers compromised some of its users' accounts using the CyberVor's archive of credentials. Hosting provider Namecheap announced that earlier this week that hackers compromised some of its users' accounts, apparently using the “CyberVor” collection of 1.2 billion usernames and passwords compiled by Russian hackers....

Bogus cellphone towers found in the US

CryptoPhone 500 security firm has found 17 bogus cellphone towers in the US with a heavily customized handset exploited for surveillance activities. Seventeen mysterious cellphone towers have been discovered in the USA, they are identical to legitimate towers, the unique difference is related a heavily customized...

Brazilian cyber criminals targeting home routers

Experts at Kaspersky spotted an interesting attack from Brazilian criminals that try to change the DNS settings of home routers by using a web-based attack. Experts at Kaspersky Lab have uncovered a hacking campaign conducted by Brazilian threat actors which...

Alleged iCloud flaw exploited in Naked celebrity hack

Investigation on celebrities naked pictures leaked online raises suspicion that hackers breached iCloud accounts exploiting a flaw in the "Find my IPhone" feature. An alleged hack of Apple's iCloud accounts of many celebrities seems to be the cause of the leakage online hundreds of naked...

APWG Q2 2014 report, phishing is even more dangerous

The APWG Report Q2 2014 states that phishing activities continue to increase, phishers are targeting Crypto Currency, Payment Services and Retail Sites. The APWG has published its new report related to phishing activities in the period April - June 2014, the document...

Oil and energy industry in Norway is under attack

According to a government agencies around 300 oil and energy companies in Norway have been targeted by one of the biggest hacking campaign. Nearly 300 oil and energy companies in Norway have been targeted by one of the biggest cyber attacks ever...

Major cyber attacks hit 5 US banks including JPMorgan

US law enforcement and private security firms are investigating on a series of cyber attacks which hit JPMorgan and other financial institutions. The FBI announced that the Bureau is investigating media reports of cyber attacks on US banks and financial firms, but law enforcement...


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