Best Password Generators of 2024 to Secure Your Accounts
Mia NaumoskaMia Naumoska

Best Password Generators of 2024 to Secure Your Accounts

Overview of best password generators to secure online accounts

By Mia Naumoska, CMO at Internxt

Despite the current advances in technology, one thing that has stood the test of time to protect our accounts and confidential information is passwords. When implemented correctly, strong passwords are an effective defense system to prevent hacks that can lead to data leaks, fraud, identity theft, and other devastating consequences.

Although we have several methods to log in to our accounts, including face ID, fingerprinting, and passcodes, we should not compromise on creating strong passwords to safeguard our accounts. Fortunately, we have various password generators to help us protect our accounts and practical barriers to protect our sensitive information.

But which one should you choose? We will look at five of the most popular password generators of 2024 that you can use and add additional layers of strength to your accounts.

The 5 Best Password Generators of 2024

We have compiled this list of the best password generators of 2024 that will instantly give you the characteristics of a robust password that can effectively defend against dictionary and brute force attacks. Let’s take a look!

  1. Best free password generator — Internxt

Internxt values the privacy of its users and provides people with secure, encrypted cloud storage to keep their confidential files safe. Internxt’s mission for a safer, secure internet is reflected in its suite of free privacy tools, including a strong password generator.

Internxt’s password generator covers everything you need to create a strong password instantly. Its simple interface and design allow you to generate a password or passphrase, and you can easily add or subtract

  • Length
  • Upper or lower cases
  • Numbers or symbols
  • Separate phrases with special characters

If your generated password meets the requirements, you will get visual confirmation under the password generator via five green bars. You can also use Internxt’s password checker to confirm your password strength and estimate how long it would take to crack your password.

Because of Internxt’s zero-knowledge approach, Internxt will never store or share your passwords, keeping your accounts safe from data breaches. So, if you want a free tool in your internet safety arsenal that’s fast, easy, and secure, you can’t go wrong with Internxt’s free password generator.

Best password generator for shared access — Dashlane

Dashlane’s password generator is part of its service as a password manager. You can store passwords using Dashlane’s zero-knowledge and patented encryption service if you have numerous passwords across multiple accounts.

Dashlane’s password generator is included for free in its paid plan, and you can easily change the character length up to 40 characters and include symbols or similar characters. There is also visual and written confirmation of your password strength: red shows a weak or relatively strong password, and green confirms a strong password.

If you want to use a password generator with Dashlane’s other services, including its password manager and VPN, prices start at $3 for an individual premium plan. Although there is no option for a passphrase with Dashlane, it is still a great way to generate strong passwords quickly, although there is currently no option for Linux users.

Best password generator with password manager — Bitwarden

If you want a free password generator across multiple accounts, then Bitwarden’s free password management tool will store your passwords securely.

Bitwarden’s password generator instantly generates strong passwords up to a massive 128 characters in length, so a password manager is definitely required! You can also choose to create a passphrase, but this only has one character as an option to separate the phrases.

Furthermore, when you generate a password, Bitwarden displays an estimated time to crack feature, ranging from 10 seconds to centuries. Bitwarden offers a generous free plan to store as many passwords as you need for unlimited devices. The paid plan starts at just $10 for a year and gives you access to features such as security reports.

Suppose you use multiple passwords across different platforms. In that case, Bitwarden is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and you can install the web browser extension on your preferred browser, whether it’s Chrome, Tor, or DuckDuckGo.

Best password generator with antivirus — Norton

Primarily, Norton focuses on anti-virus software to protect you against malware, ransomware, and hackers. As we know, a strong password will also help prevent these attacks, so if you use Norton anti-virus exclusively on your devices, you may wish to try the Norton password generator.

Norton’s password generator is the usual slider that lets you select a password from 4  – 64 characters of a mixed case, numbers, and punctuation and categorizes the generated passwords from bad, weak, to strong.

Norton’s password generator is less customizable than previous options, as there is no option to choose from a passphrase. Nevertheless, if you have a Norton account, you can easily implement their tool with their antivirus service and password management tool to protect your accounts.

Best password generator for multiple platforms — Nordpass

If you work on several devices and platforms and need to manage your passwords for your business, work, or studies, you may wish to consider using Nordpass.

You can use Nordpass’ password generator alongside their password management tool. From here, you can access your accounts across multiple devices with biometric authentication or by scanning a code.

Nord’s easy-to-use password generator and the ease of switching from one device to another make it a good contender for the best password generator 2024 for those who live a fast-paced life and need to access their accounts quickly.

Again, however, Nordpass’s options for passwordless login may not be for everyone, so if you want to stick to generated passwords only, we recommend you choose a quick and free password generator.

How to choose the best password gen erator in 2024

When choosing the best password generator for you, consider what other services you wish to use the generator with. This list is designed to give you a range of services that will be valuable to your internet security, so feel free to try as many as you like!

Whether you need cloud storage, antivirus, or any organizational tool, these password generators will provide you with impenetrable passwords to secure your accounts from hackers and cybercriminals for years to come.

About the Author

Best Password Generators of 2024 to Secure Your AccountsMia Naumoska is a Chief Marketing Officer at Internxt – a zero-knowledge cloud storage service based on best-in-class privacy and security.

Mia can be reached online at LinkedIn and at our company website

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May 27, 2024

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