Admiral Rogers chosen as new NSA director.The man of Information Warfare

9:30 ET, 3 February 2014

The Obama Administration will assign the command of NSA to Michael S. Rogers, the US Government has chosen a military Expert on Information Warfare.

The Obama Administration will assign the command of NSA to Michael S. Rogers, presently the U.S Navy’s Cyber Security Chief, will be the new Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and head of the US military cyber command.

Michael S. Rogers will replace Gen. Keith Alexander, he has a significant experience in the cyber security, he has been involved in cyber defense and offense policy issues as head of the Fleet Cyber Command.

The NSA is changing skin, a natural evolution after the disclosure related to the debated surveillance program described in the documents leaked by Snowden.


The Information warfare has assumed a great importance in the defense strategy of the US government, cyber security is one of the first goals of the Obama Administration.Neither the US Government nor Rogers has released any official comment on the news, but rumors on an unnamed official revelation say that Gen. Keith Alexander will be substituted in mid-March.Alexander served as Director of NSA in the last 9 year, it is considered one of the officials that has changed the way to do Intelligence, under his control the Agency has reserved the greatest attention to cyber warfare. The new Director of NSA will be joined by Richard H. Ledgett who was previously working as a collector and senior analyst at the Agency:

We are deeply committed to being more transparent. We care just as much as everyone else about the rule of law and defending the nation in ways that are accountable. We work for our fellow citizens, not against them.” said Ledgett.

It will be a hard challenge for  Michael S. Rogers, he will have to combine the need of the National Security Agency with Privacy demand of Netizens. Michael S. Rogers is a military officer, this means that Obama has deliberately chosen to ignore his own advisory panel’s recommendation that the N.S.A. and the United States Cyber Command have separate leaders.

From my point of view, the US Government, is taking the right direction, choosing a cyber expert, having a name not involved in any kind of polemic.  The Admiral Rogers is responsible for the Fleet Cyber Command, the Navy’s most advanced cyber army, and security experts are sure, he will continue to invest in cyber security, improving both defensive and offensive cyber capabilities.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Editor-In-Chief, CDM)







February 3, 2014

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