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•  Cost  efficiency.  Managing  security  programs  in-house  can  be  a  drain  on  scarce
                       company  resources.  By  outsourcing  their  security  programs  to  a  solutions  provider,
                       organizations can achieve cost savings by not having to maintain their own full-time on-
                       site security staff.

                   •  Awareness  of  regulatory  compliance  issues.  Security  solutions  providers  will  help
                       companies  in  regulated  industries  keep  on  top  of  compliance  requirements  and  help
                       them maintain infrastructures for compliance.

                   •  Problem  resolution  by  specialists.  When  problems  and  issues  arise,  experienced
                       security specialists do the trouble-shooting. Cyber attacks occur at a rapid pace and are
                       often not detected until much later. A security solutions provider has the proper tools and
                       resources  for  early  threat  detection  and  protection,  keeping  on  top  of  threats  as  they
                       arise, not weeks or months after an organization has already been attacked.

                   •  Availability  and  support.  An  organization  that  elects  to  manage  its  cybersecurity
                       programs in-house would require enormous resources in manpower and technology to
                       monitor  systems  24x7.  A  best-practices  security  solutions  provider  with  end-to-end
                       support services often offers 24x7 support and live monitoring of systems and data.

               Cyber  attacks  are  on  the  rise  and  companies  have  scarce  internal  resources,  as  well  as
               inadequately  trained  employees,  to  deal  with  managing  security  programs  in-house.
               Organizations  that  work  with  experienced  security  solutions  providers  will  mitigate  the  risks
               posed by security threats in an efficient and cost-effective manner and enable the organization
               to concentrate on its actual business.

               About the Author

                                                   Doug Ramos is Security Practice Manager at  Groupware
                                                   Technology,  where  he  is  growing  and  expanding  the
                                                   company’s security business by evaluating and adding the
                                                   latest security solutions that will offer the best protection for
                                                   Groupware Technology customers. He has over 20 years
                                                   of  experience  in  the  technology  industry  in  security  and
                                                   networks. Doug started his career at Lucent and became
                                                   one of its first VoIP specialists, building out voice networks
                                                   in eight different countries. He has also worked at Cisco in
                                                   its wireless and security divisions and as Manager of Cisco
                                                   Enterprise Networking for CANCOM-HPM Networks. Prior
                                                   to  joining  Groupware  Technology,  he  was  Director  of
               Wireless Product Marketing at Fortinet.

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