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2.  Certified Authorization Professional
               Certified  Authorization  Professional  (CAP)  by  (ISC)²  is  an  advanced  level  certification  that’s
               designed  for  professionals  who  are  already  highly  experienced  in  cyber  security  and  are
               working  towards  or  have  already  acquired  a  leadership  role  in  their  organization.  A  certified
               authorization  professional  works  within  the  Risk  Management  Framework  (RMF)  to  identify
               vulnerabilities  in  the  system,  and  aligns  the  information  systems  with  the  RMF.  With  this
               certification,  you  show  the  recruiters  that  you  can  create  a  cyber  security  strategy,  formalize
               processes,  and  maintain  the  necessary  documentation.  To  do  this  certification,  you  have  to
               have  minimum  two  years  of  experience  in  at  least  one  of  the  seven  domains  of  the  CAP
               Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).

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