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3.  Proactive  Monitoring:   Real-time  auditing  of  your  IT  environment  will  alert  you  to
                       suspicious  behavior  and  help  you  detect  potential  threats  prior  to  a  full-blown
                       ransomware attack.

                   4.  Disaster Recovery: Implementing a robust Disaster Recovery plan is the last, but most
                       critical, step in protecting against ransomware. If you have a strong backup and recovery
                       solution  in  place,  and  are  hit  by  a  ransomware  attack,  you  can  simply  restore  your
                       encrypted files from backup.
               Last,  but  not  least,  if  you  are  ever  hit  by  a  ransomware  attack,  never  ever  pay  the  ransom
               because  there’s  no  guarantee  that  the  attacker  will  unencrypt  the  files.  Reports  indicate  that
               NotPetya  was  actually  wiper  malware,  and  not  ransomware,  and  no  amount  of money  could
               have reversed the damage cause by the virus.

               About the Author

                                                             Noa Arias is Director of Marketing at Semperis,
                                                             an  enterprise  identity  protection  company  that
                                                             enables  organizations  to  quickly  recover  from
                                                             changes  and  disasters  that  compromise  Active
                                                             Directory.  Prior  to  joining  Semperis,  Noa  held
                                                             senior  marketing  roles  spanning  technology
                                                             startups, consumer goods and financial services.
                                                             She  received  her  BA  from  Columbia  University
                                                             and MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business,
                                                             with  concentrations  in  marketing  and  strategy.
                                                             Noa      can     be     reached     online    at
                                                   ,         or     on     Twitter
                                                             @SemperisTech,  and  at  the  company  website

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