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               Privacy  is  an  aspect  that  is  increasingly  valued  when  it  comes  to  surfing  the  Internet,  but  is
               increasingly  difficult  to  achieve.  User  data  is  too  valuable  for  companies  and  is  used  in  a
               multitude  of  network  activities.  For  this  reason,  virtual  private  networks  or  VPNs  are  gaining
               prominence in forced marches by allowing us to surf anonymously. If you want to give them a
               chance in 2017, we'll give you a compilation of the best VPNs for free.

               The  advantages  of  VPNs  are  several.  First,  it  adds  a  layer  of  security  that  reinforces  our
               anonymity  against  the  different  tools  that  spy  on  our  data  or  surfing  habits  on  the  Internet.
               Secondly, they allow us to access certain portals that are blocked in our country for one reason
               or another.

               Classification of VPN Systems

               The Virtual Private network is categorized by:

                   ●  The frequency of connections simultaneously.
                   ●  Security levels that are provided.
                   ●  The connections’ topology type.
                   ●  The termination location point of the tunnel.
                   ●  The protocols that are used for traffic tunneling.
                   ●  The connecting network’s Open System Interconnection model layer that they present.
               What are the Uses of the Virtual Private Network?

               The following are the uses of the VPN;
                   ●  Blocking malicious software.
                   ●  Internet protocol masking.
                   ●  File sharing.
                   ●  Safe use of WI-FI
               Benefits of using the Virtual Private Network

               The users of VPN enjoy the following major benefits;

                   ●  Security
               VPN provides security to its users by allowing them to avoid the restricted sites.

                   ●  Anonymous surfing
               By  using  VPN,  you  are  guaranteed  a  high  level  of  inaccessibility  to  your  traffic  making  it
               unavailable to the unauthorized parties.

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