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mostly be planning the cyber security strategy of an organization and will use the resources they
               have to oversee implementation. As you can see, even the most basic cyber security job places
               you higher up the hierarchy and in a position of extreme responsibility.

                   2.  COMPTIA SECURITY+
               This course equips you with the skills needed to identify vulnerabilities and threats, and plan
               and implement the cyber security strategy of an organization. You will learn the fundamental
               concepts of cyber security, and will be able to troubleshoot cyber security incidents. Your job
               responsibilities  will  include  ensuring  business  continuity  and  disaster  recovery.  By  doing  this
               certification,  you  can  get  a  job  as  a  cyber  security  analyst,  an  IT  support  technician,  a
               penetration tester, and a cyber security tester.


               As with beginner level courses, there are tons of courses in this category but we have decided
               to go with the following two:

                   1.  CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKING

               Certified  Ethical  Hacking  (CEH)  is  the  perfect  intermediate  level  course  for  cyber  security
               officers. If you are already responsible for network security in your organization, you should do
               this course as it will enable you to identify weaknesses in your system, and will equip you with
               the skills you need to counter any threats. You will also be able to anticipate different types of
               cyber-attacks and take measures to prevent them. As the name just, the course teaches you the
               strategies hackers use to penetrate a system, so you know exactly how to defend your system
               against them.

               If you are working in the InfoSec industry for about a year and want to pivot to disaster recovery,
               this is the perfect course for you. It covers everything from risk analysis to recovery techniques,
               making sure you have the training you need to analyze a situation, come up with a strategy to
               resolve it, and implement the strategy. In short, a Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer is a one-
               man/woman army you bring in when the cyber security of your organization is compromised.
               Getting this certification on your resume will make you a highly sought-after entity in the InfoSec


               This is an expert level course for people who have been in the InfoSec business for about 5
               years,  and  have  working  experience  in  the  IT  industry  for  about  10  years.  Doing  CompTIA
               Security+ is not a pre-requisite for this course, but if you have already done it, you will find this
               course  to  be  a  little  easier.  In  this  course,  you  will  learn  Enterprise  Security  Architecture,
               Security Research and Analysis, and everything in between. You will learn how to manage the
               security policies and procedures of an organization.

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