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IT Security - Lost Cause?

Overcoming the Nightmare of Cyber Security
Robert Mills Blacksands Inc.


My first IT security failure was experienced in the 80’s when my modem based AOL account
started sending all my contacts malware. Over the years, working my way up to a CIO position,
my problems with security only became exponentially worse. I don't need to explain how bad it
has become - you know. You probably have similar war stories that you may or may not wish to
share with others. We all share the scars of battle – the battle between the hackers and the
protectors of data, IP and company integrity!

In the very near future, we will see quantum computers become more commonplace.
Computers capable of braking all current encryption in minutes. Billions of IoT devices with no
effective way to set passwords or do updates will be in existence and connected to everything.
Terabytes of wild malware and possibly even more concerning, state sponsored hackers who
have more training and better tools than any company can match. Managing the plethora of
stakeholders, using everything from IoT devices to BYOD home computers is out of control. We
are losing the battle, being overrun by malicious code, hackers and bad people.

I currently work with Strategy CIO, a premier boutique consulting company for high-end
executive consultants, and I am a board member for several companies, one of which includes
Blacksands, Inc. Blacksands, Inc. is a software security company that has advanced endpoint
management and security software. I have seen the capabilities of numerous companies in
many industries and most simply do not have the skills, tools, infrastructure, governance or
management of policies that it would take to even attempt to protect themselves, their IP or their
data. The advanced companies that do have some of these things, often have major holes and
are often still at significant risk.

So why spend any money or put any resources in place if we are losing and there is no
assurance. This answer is simple. If you lose and the hackers win, the cost and impact to your
company can be staggering. “Never give up, never surrender.” At present, breaches are
common and have a high probability of occurrence. It is your fiduciary responsibility to use
diligence to protect your company, its brand and reputation and its assets to the best of your
ability and resources. Even though middle management often resists providing the resources
needed due to budget constraints or the need to meet month end or year end figures, the
president, CEO and board will agree that securing the company, its data, intellectual property
and integrity, is imperative for medium to long term and often short term survival.

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