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whatever source. Ensure your plan covers EVERYTHING. Think USB, hotspots, leave
no stone unturned.
6. Re-architect your existing security based on what is needed not what you have done in
the past. If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.
7. Put written processes, governance and controls in place to manage the human element.

This is your chance to gain a secure business enterprise and the only way to stand a chance to
win this war on data protection.

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1. Zero trust endpoint management:
2. Two factor authentication:
3. Stakeholder Management:
4. Data protection:
5. Heuristics i.e.
6. Security architecture:
7. Processes, governance and controls:

About the Author

Robert Mills is an award-winning IT executive consultant at Strategy CIO
and was formerly a VP, Business Partner & CIO at General Electric &
Smiths plc. He is currently a board member at Blacksands Security. Bob
has an extensive network throughout the tech industry. Since becoming an
executive consultant Bob has been helping his select clients redefine how
information technology drives their business to improve results. Bob has
won recent innocentive challenges and was featured in Wired magazines
“Sony forum for the future 2025”. Bob does speaking engagements as a
futurist and tech advocate.

-Strategy CIO is a boutique consultancy that provides only top technology
experts to select customers who want fast consistently successful results.

-Blacksands is a software security company providing unique low cost easy to use software with
absolute access control and ultra-high security through it’s invisible edge technology.

Bob can be contacted at:

[email protected] or [email protected]

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