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How to save your critical data using smart backup procedures?

By Milica D. Djekic

The disasters and discontinuities in work are not the rare occurrences, so we should get ready
to protect our vitally significant assets from any sort of loss or corruption. The disasters could
happen whenever and they are not the consequences of cybersecurity incidents only. They may
be the result of a weak electricity management, weather conditions, earthquake or any other
natural phenomena getting a potential to cause damage.

Through this article, we would talk a bit more about your IT assets, ways of losing their data and
some good plans and strategies of recovering what you got as threatened.

The data could get lost or corrupted anywhere and anytime causing a business discontinuity
and so commonly its entire collapse. From such a perspective, it’s strategically significant to
save your critical data. In order to obtain so – you should use both – software and hardware.

The software are those
programs supporting you
in saving your data and
applications, while the
hardware could be
different devices such as
USB sticks, external
discs, optical devices
and tapes. How often
you would do backuping
depends how fast you
would produce your
critical data.

Some organizations
would backup their computers on a daily basis, while many would do so weekly or monthly. It’s
important to suggest that backuping as well as recovering the entire machines could get time-

This means that if you do any backuping or data recovering – you should count on some sort of
business discontinuity that could cost you in a financial manner.

On the other hand, it’s much better to do some backuping, because if you lose your critical data
it could cost you shut downing the entire business. Unluckily, the tendency in many parts of the
world is still quite concerning.

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