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National Information Security Group Offers FREE Techtips

Have a tough INFOSEC Question – Ask for an answer and ‘YE Shall Receive

Here’s a wonderful non-profit
organization. You can join for free,
start your own local chapter and so
much more.

The best service of NAISG are
their free Techtips. It works like
this, you join the Techtips mailing

Then of course you’ll start to see a stream of emails with
questions and ideas about any area of INFOSEC. Let’s say
you just bought an application layer firewall and can’t figure
out a best-practices model for ‘firewall log storage’, you
could ask thousands of INFOSEC experts in a single email
by posting your question to the Techtips newsgroup.

Next thing you know, a discussion ensues and you’ll have
more than one great answer. It’s the’s best kept


So use it by going here:


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