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NSA Spying Concerns? Learn Counterveillance

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"NSA Spying Concerns? Learn Counterveillance" is a 60-minute recorded online instructor-led
course for beginners who will learn how easily we are all being spied upon - not just by the NSA
but by cyber criminals, malicious insiders and even online predators who watch our children;
then you will learn the basics in the art of Counterveillance and how you can use new tools and
techniques to defend against this next generation threat of data theft and data leakage.

The course has been developed for IT and IT security professionals including Network
Administrators, Data Security Analysts, System and Network Security Administrators, Network
Security Engineers and Security Professionals.

After you take the class, you'll have newfound knowledge and understanding of:

1. How you are being Spied upon.
2. Why Counterveillance is so important.
3. What You can do to protect private information.

Course Overview:

How long has the NSA been spying on you?
What tools and techniques have they been using?
Who else has been spying on you?
What tools and techniques they have been using?
What is Counterveillance?
Why is Counterveillance the most important missing piece of your security posture?
How hard is Counterveillance?
What are the best tools and techniques for Counterveillance?

Your Enrollment includes :

1. A certificate for one free personal usage copy of the Preview Release of SnoopWall for
2. A worksheet listing the best open and commercial tools for Counterveillance
3. Email access to the industry leading Counterveillance expert, Gary S. Miliefsky, our educator.
4. A certificate of achievement for passing the Concise-Courses Counterveillance 101 course.

Visit this course online, sponsored by and at

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