Page 5 - CDM Cyber Warnings February 2014
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While it still may not be at the forefront of every IT
professionals mind, there are also interesting conversations
to be had surrounding SDN and what it means to security.
While we�ve seen great innovation on the application-side,
with services like Facebook, Google+ and Salesforce, the
underlying network has remained unchanged. SDN,
however, offers a new approach to computer networking and
will allow network administrators to create network
separations with software. Additionally, it allows quick and
easy virtual rewiring of the entire network infrastructure.

Finally, as big data analytics is becoming a reality in security,
there are some foundational implications to our field. The
ability to actually measure the impact of a security control
on the business and then use that data to turn security into a
catalyst for business growth changes our value proposition.
It may finally allow security to speak in the language of

business and empower us to mold and optimize security in
order to fit the unique needs of an organization.

We are truly in the midst of a security renaissance, driven by
data and accelerated by the trends of cloud, mobility, and
consumerization. It is an exciting time for our industry but
questions and uncertainties remain. More than ever before
we need to come together as a community to share ideas,
share data and draw insight from one another. The field of
information security is still young but circumstances have
forced us to grow up quickly. My hope for RSA Conference
2014 is that as the world�s information security leaders
converge in San Francisco we make real progress together as
a community.

Hugh Thompson,
RSA Conferences Program Committee Chairman

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