Page 4 - CDM Cyber Warnings February 2014
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Hugh Thompson
RSA Conferences Program
Committee Chairman

This week the Moscone Center will come alive with the question becomes, how does this renaissance affect
activity, anticipation, and the exchange of ideas as today�s traditional approaches to security�
leaders in information security come together in San Also still on the minds of those in security are the trends
Francisco to delve deeper into perennial themes and new of consumerization, mobility, and BYOD. The rise of
hot topics in IT security. Still on the minds of these security consumerization means that organizations can no longer
professionals is the question of what big data and analytics ignore their employees� expectations of BYOD. What
means to security; as well as how best to handle the proactive steps can these organizations take to ensure the
game-changing trends of consumerization, mobility and security of their data� Many security leaders are having a
bring your own device (BYOD). Today, the industry is difficult time moving from a posture of control and
coming to terms with the recent NSA revelations, which lockdown of these devices to a more agile view of security
have brought to the surface many doubts and questions that sees consumerization as a benefit to the business and
when it comes to just how much control we have over our aligns security in a way that allows the business to embrace
own data. In addition, the continued onslaught of advanced it. Just how much policy and training is needed in order to
targeted attacks against businesses and government ensure your employees will behave in a �digitally hygienic�
agencies has brought up many questions over what we way online� As an industry we must discuss this human
should be focusing on when it comes to hackers. And there element of security and look for other ways to successfully
are sure to be many conversations, debates and implement BYOD, whether it be leveraging network
uncertainties surrounding the upcoming buzz-word, segmentation in an effort to secure data or spending more

Software-Defined Networking (SDN). time analyzing internal network traffic flow.

Many security professionals are having difficulty sifting With headlines of Snowden and PRISM splashed across
through all the marketing hype surrounding the lofty idea the news on a daily basis, many questions about privacy
of �big data�. If you tune out the noise, important questions have come to the forefront: How do we balance privacy
emerge around targeted threat analytics and the utilization and security� Who should be the enforcers of privacy� Is
of big data to uncover infections. Security is going through it possible to maintain complete control over our own data�
a renaissance. Just as baseball and marketing before it, the These conversations will no doubt be shared by
industry is in transition to becoming more analytical. So researchers, vendors, and practitioners alike.

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