Were Major US Businesses and ISPs Hit with An Iranian Cyber Army Attack Yesterday?


by Gary S. Miliefsky, CISSP, Publisher, Cyber Defense Magazine

On Monday, June 24, 2019, the US Government announced ‘cyber attack’ sanctions against Iran for their alleged shooting down of an unmanned US Drone.  Throughout the day, yesterday, many US news outlets, ISPs and even Cloudflare – a content distribution network with distributed denial of service (DDos) protection all experienced sporatic outages.  Here’s Cloudflare’s story on their situation:  https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/incidents/46z55mdhg0t5

Numerous US companies who have no nation state actors were victimized with an outage.  While we could blame this on the Iranians or Cloudflare or our ISP hosts, we blame this on ourselves.  Unless the entire Internet or portions thereof that hosts our servers go down, you should not plan to – we all need to be cyber resilient at times of cyber war. 

During this challenging time, I’m thrilled to share the news that we have a completely revamped website online and after watching these cyberwarfare attacks, we’ve decided to take an even more aggressive approach to our website uptime and security issues that my entire IT team agrees with, so we will continue to expect 5 nines 99.999 or better uptime at Cyber Defense Magazine and we think you should do the same.  Beef up your CDN, your firewall, your website security, your backup and alerting tools and keep your website safe and secure while you do business online.

After a few months of operations and the usual DDoS and other cyber attacks we face, I’ll share with you how we did what we did, as much as I can without giving away the idea to those who wish to see us experience outages and downtime.

There is a cyberwar happening and there is no cyber geneva convention.

Cyberwarfare Blowback is a painful reminder that cyber weapons don’t distinguish the Nation state borders or the battlefield location or in many cases – civilians and/or business entities from soldiers.  Stay safe, stay sharp and get one step ahead of the next cyber threat – because they are coming your way, like it or not.

Be cyber resilient!  Be one step ahead of the next threat.  Be safe!