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How to Hunt for Volt Typhoon Malware in Critical Infrastructure

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How to Hunt for Volt Typhoon Malware in Critical Infrastructure

Date: Thursday, June 20, 2024
Time: 1:00pm ET; 10:00am PT
Duration: 60 minutes
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Hunting for Volt Typhoon, a sophisticated and stealthy cyber threat actor with unknown malware components “living off the land”, is critical for several reasons:

National Security

Volt Typhoon, linked to state-sponsored groups, targets critical infrastructure, including power grids, communication networks, and government systems. Detecting and mitigating these threats is vital to safeguarding national security and preventing potential disruptions or espionage activities.

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

Volt Typhoon operates as an advanced persistent threat, meaning it can remain undetected within a network for extended periods. This persistence allows it to collect sensitive information and establish long-term access, posing significant risks to both public and private sector entities.

Economic Impact

Cyber attacks by groups like Volt Typhoon can have severe economic consequences. They can disrupt business operations, lead to data breaches, and result in financial losses. Protecting against such threats helps maintain economic stability and protects intellectual property.

Technological Defense

Hunting for Volt Typhoon encourages the development and deployment of advanced cybersecurity technologies and strategies. By identifying and understanding their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), cybersecurity professionals can enhance defensive measures, improve threat intelligence, and build more resilient systems.

International Relations

State-sponsored cyber activities can strain international relations and lead to geopolitical tensions. Proactively hunting for and countering threats like Volt Typhoon demonstrates a commitment to cybersecurity and helps foster cooperation among nations to combat cybercrime.

Public Safety

Infiltration of critical infrastructure by cyber threat actors can have direct implications for public safety. Ensuring robust cybersecurity measures against groups like Volt Typhoon helps protect essential services that millions of people rely on daily.

Hunting for Volt Typhoon is not only about protecting digital assets but also about preserving the integrity and stability of societal functions and national interests.

How to Hunt for Volt Typhoon Malware in Critical InfrastructureHosted by Gary Miliefsky, a renowned cybersecurity expert, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. As the founder and CEO of Cyber Defense Media Group, he has significantly influenced the cybersecurity landscape. With decades of experience, Gary is a founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, a member of the National Information Security Group, and an active adviser to government and private sector organizations. His insights have been featured in Forbes, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal, seen on CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC and international media outlets making him a trusted authority on advanced cyber threats and innovative defense strategies. Gary’s dedication to cybersecurity extends to educating the public, operating a scholarship program for young women in cybersecurity and investing in and developing cutting-edge technologies to protect against evolving cyber risks.

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