Global Threat Intelligence Vendor Landscape for 2018

Global Threat Intelligence Vendor Landscape for 2018

Cyber Defense Magazine is pleased to provide this Global Threat Intelligence Vendor Landscape for 2018.   PDF  or  FLIPBOOK

Threat Intelligence has emerged as both an integral component of effective cyber defense and as a forefront exercise in identifying cyber threats  before they can become  cyber incidents.  Some of the most direct ways Threat Intelligence providers can support cyber defense include:

  • Acting as an integral function of Cyber Defense Centers (CDCs)
  • Correlating incident avoidance exercises with identifying areas of weakness
  • Implementing cyber threat intelligence (CTI) within the organization
  • Coordinating incident response and threat intelligence to harden future defenses

In many, if not most, organizations, it is neither economically nor operationally feasible for internal resources to accomplish all of these functions. As a result, the most efficient course is often to seek specialized outside professional services to provide the most effective Threat Intelligence.

As the leading publication on cyber defense issues and activities, our publication believes it is incumbent on us to offer this survey of leading providers of Threat Intelligence to our readers and others with the need to understand and act on these pressing matters.

On behalf of Cyber Defense Magazine and our team, we hope you will find this Global Threat Intelligence Vendor Landscape both useful and timely.

Click here to download the full report as PDF or read it online here.

Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher

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