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    Bratislava, Slovakia

    The cyber-attack landscape has changed. Malicious adversaries continue to enhance techniques used to exploit enterprise networks. Previous paradigms have failed to adequately prevent, detect, respond, and recover from new attacks. As such, the paradigm we use to hunt and eradicate new threats must adapt as well. Canvasing the field, it seems advanced digital forensics (focusing on memory, host machine, and network forensics) and malware analysis are crucial capabilities not yet found in all of our experts. This workshop has been created to bridge these gaps and introduce advanced techniques missing in the field to better hunt for new malicious attacks.

    Networks and computer systems are under a constant barrage of attacks from unknown adversaries across the world. Even with defense in depth tools and architectures in place to protect the computer systems, as research demonstrates, these attacks are still increasing in sophistication, severity, and exploitation time before being detected and patched from the victim machines. This workshop is designed to provide advanced techniques to our cyber security experts and people wishing to learn new techniques to better identify and prevent malicious attacks from protected computer systems.

    Target Audience: IT specialists, namely CERT, CSIRT, Security analyst or engineer.

    Our instructor is Solomon Sonya, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the U.S. Air Force Academy. 

    We look forward to meeting you in person on June 26-28, 2019in Bratislava Slovakia. For more info check out the website of the event:

    The bad guys are getting smarter. So should you…

    In addition to this 3-day training a one-day cybersecurity event The BSides Bratislava will be held on June 29, 2019. The goal of this event is to create opportunities for brainstorming for individuals in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration. It is an intense event with discussions and interaction from participants. This conference is open to the public free of charge. You are warmly invited to also attend this event.