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  • Tue
    London, UK

    The Big Data for Defence Summit aims to help the defence community gain operational advantage through data, and understand how artificial intelligence and machine learning can transform capability

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    Commercial data analytics has revolutionised the operational strategy of the largest companies in the world. There are now numerous opportunities to adapt civilian technological solutions to meet the requirements of the defence sector.

    Considering the amount, the variety, and the complexity of the data available today, obtaining reliable intelligence and storing it securely has become an essential challenge for every organisations involved with the defence industry.

    The Big Data for Defence Summit aims to address this challenge, by allowing military and civilian defence agencies, as well as the intelligence community from NATO nations, to gain an operational advantage by efficiently deploying the data that is available to them. Moreover, the conference will look to present how artificial intelligence and machine learning will modernise the defence field.

    The Summit will bring together leaders and experts from military organisations, government intelligence services, and civilian defence agencies, combined with technical experts on data analytics, and specialists from the industry. A discussion with all these constituents will establish how the immense amount of unstructured data available today can be turned into actionable intelligence.

    The Big Data for Defence Summit will help you:

    • Understand how to securely store and rapidly analyse data using the latest systems to generate actionable intelligence
    • Receive in-depth updates on big data procurement programmes, including the French ARTEMIS project, and how artificial intelligence and big data can combine to generate the capability
    • Identify partnership opportunities with traditional and non-traditional defence entities offering key solutions for big data analytics and artificial intelligence
    • Gain a fundamental understanding of big data, terminologies in use and it’s application in defence


    • David Horner, Director, Information Technology Laboratory Modernisation Program, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
    • Brigadier General Jennifer Buckner, Commander,Cyberspace Operations Directorate
    • Lars Findsen, Director,Danish Defence Intelligence Service
    • Air Commodore Tim Neal-Hopes, Deputy Head of Cyber Policy / Joint User for Cyber,UK Ministry of Defence
    • Colonel Jerome Lemaire, Head of Digital,Defense Systems and Integration of Artificial Intelligence,Directorate General of Armaments, French Ministry of Defence
    • Auke Venema, Principal Member, NATO Science and Technology Board,Netherlands Ministry of Defence, NATO