Monday, August 3, 2020
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Windows 8 – Secure? Worth the Move?

After it was copied, cracked, and hacked is it still worth the move? In our opinion, as we remember Windows ME – the Millenium Edition of Windows we see parallels with Windows 8, do you? Or how about the buddy...

Quick Cyber Stats for 2012

Like a National Debt-Clock, these Numbers Just Keep Growing and GrowingTo keep an eye on this pandemic, you should bookmark as well as as CDM believes that there is a direct correlation between the growing number of...

Adobe Hacked, Microsoft Vulnerable, Oracle Patches Galore

ADOBE: HACKEDCyber Criminals gained access to Adobe’s Update Servers. It appears Adobe Systems has once again become a prime target. But this time, instead of focusing on finding new vulnerabilities in the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, Cyber criminals (and...

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Let’s Get Vigilant<Smaller businesses have become bigger targets for cybercriminals because the bad guys know that they have fewer defense resources than large enterprises. If cybercriminals can breach a small business and steal credentials (banking accounts, email access,...