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Belgacom hack, state-sponsored attack hypothesis

Sep 17, 2013, 11:30 am ESTBelgacom hack, the telecommunications company found evidence of digital intrusion in the company systems, many experts believe in a state-sponsored attack.Belgacom hack, the largest telecommunications company in Belgium and primarily state owned, has announced that its...

Kaspersky reveals Kimsuky operation that is targeting South Korea.

Sep 16, 2013, 11:00 am ESTAfter months of investigation security researchers from Kaspersky have detected a new cyber espionage campaign dubbed Kimsuky that targeted South Korean organizations.Kaspersky experts have discovered a new cyber espionage campaign dubbed Kimsuky due the names...

A look to Android offer in the underground mobile market

Sep 13, 2013, 03:30 pm ESTSecurity experts continue to observe the evolution of the offer of services and malicious software for fraudsters in the Android underground mobile market.In the last months security firms have observed an increase in criminal activities that exploited Android OS supported...

Mevade botnet responsible for the spike in Tor traffic

Sep 12, 2013, 11:30 am ESTSecurity researchers at Fox-IT firm found evidence that the spike in Tor traffic is caused by a Mevade botnet that hides its C&C in the anonymizing network.Is the Mevade malware the real responsible for the spike observed in the number of users...

Hesperbot, the new powerful banking Trojan found by ESET

Sep 11, 2013, 11:30 am ESTHesperbot is the name of a new banking Trojan detected by ESET, it is a very potent malware which includes some very advanced tricks.Hesperbot is the name of the last banking trojan detected by security firm ESET, a malware that due its...

Surveillance – NSA can access data on your mobile device

Sep 10, 2013, 11:30 am ESTThe German news agency Der Spiegel reported last act of US surveillance, the NSA is able to access data stored in a wide range of mobile devices including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.Here we are with weekly news on NSA surveillance activities, last week we...

Are You Inviting Hackers into Your Network?

by Peter Martini, COO iboss Security It no longer requires high tech tools to hijack an imperiled network.  Are you using a traditional MDM solution?  You could be leaving the backdoor to your network swinging wide open for anyone to...

A Hidden Gem for INFOSEC Certification Practice

More than 150,000 people have used the CCCure’s resources over the past 12 years to reach their certification and career goals. offers some of the most complete and relevant quizzes for the CISSP® and the CEH® certifications.They also have...

US Government Cyber News – October 2012

U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Cyber security ReportCYBERCRIME: Proxy service a front for malware distribution. Hundreds of thousands of users who signed up for an inexpensive proxy service called ended up installing a trojan linked to a...