Monday, May 25, 2020
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Who are the Ashley Madison users?

The hackers behind that data breach of the Ashley Madison website have released another dump of 20 GB and experts are publishing their analysis on it.The recent hack of the adultery website Ashley Madison is attracting the attention of...

SS7 flaw allows hackers to spy on every conversation

By Exploiting a flaw in the SS7 protocol hackers can access every conversation and text message mobile users send from everywhere in the world.Hackers can spy on every mobile phone user wherever it is.Channel Nine's 60 Minutes has revealed the...

ICS-CERT warns for 0-Day vulnerabilities in SCADA systems

The ICS-CERT has recently published six security advisories to warn organizations about a number of 0-day flaws in SCADA systems.The ICS-CERT has published six advisories to warn organizations about the presence of Zero-Day Flaws in SCADA Systems. Aditya K. Sood, security...

An Italian expert discovered two zero-day flaws in MAC OS X

An Italian security researcher has discovered two zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple MAC OS X that could be exploited to gain remote access to a PC.An Italian teenager, Luca Todesco, has found a couple of critical zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple OS X...

Kaspersky accused of sabotage to harm competitors

According to two former employees the Russian antivirus firm Kaspersky has faked malware to harm competitors and cause false positive in their solutions.Two former employees, who requested anonymity, revealed that Kaspersky Lab tried to trick antivirus solutions of its...

US authorities dismantled Insider Trading Ring Nets $100M

US authorities have identified and arrested members of an international ring of hackers and stock traders specialized in the theft of trading info.The Department of Justice charged a group of nine hackers and stock traders in a criminal conspiracy...

Darkhotel APT group relied also on Hacking Team’s exploits

Kaspersky revealed provided an update of the report on the Darkhotel APT that targets executives traveling across Asia through hotel internet networks.In November 2014, Kaspersky Lab published a report on the activities of the Darkhotel APT group. Security experts at Kaspersky Lab uncovered...

Carphone Warehouse hacked: 2.4 million customer records at risk

Carphone Warehouse has taken three days to disclose about a sophisticated attack that may have impacted more than 2.4 million customers. The British mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has been hacked and nearly 2.4 million customers records could have been...

RollJam, a $30 device to unlock the majority of car doors

RollJam is a $30 device designed to exploit a design flaw in the protocol that determines how keys communicate with car and unlock the majority of car doors.The recent hacks of the Jeep Cherokee and the security patch issued by Tesla for its...

Once again alleged Russian hackers hit the Pentagon computers

NBC News reported Russian hackers have compromised computers at the Pentagon, an unclassified email system has been shut down  in response of the attack.According to the NBC news, US officials have reported that Russia launched a "sophisticated cyberattack" against the Pentagon's Joint...