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    Taking place in Singapore from 18-21 June 2019, Equip Global’s 3rd Cyber Security for Airports Summit 2019is the golden opportunity to hear from airport operators, aviation authorities and air navigation service providers on how they are managing the most pertinent cyber security risk challenges and issues. This summit will bring together industry decision makers to look into the current cyber security challenges from the technological aspects of IoT, OT Security, related IT network infrastructures, risk and cyber security management by design, prevention technology, to more human aspects including stakeholder, vendor and service provider management, instilling a culture of security among staff, as well as efficient incident response and recovery plans to minimize potential losses.

    Expect to hearing case studies from various global perspectives on how to assess stakeholder cyber security maturity and strategies on early threat detection to keep an airport safe. This is a must-attend summit if managing cyber security is a priority for your organization!

    For more information, please visit our website or email us at now!

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