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    Singapore, Malaysia

    Leading Cyber Security Masterclass for Energy & Utilities

    Energy, Power & Utilities companies are increasingly aware of the threats that can arise from cyber-related attacks and disruptions. Putting cyber security at the core of energy & utilities operations will be critical for the industry to fulfil their core mandate of delivering reliable energy & power to the market.  Being able to effectively integrate an effective cyber security strategy within your security infrastructure will be hugely critical of having a robust plan to counter cyber threats.

    From risk identification to scenario assessment, from information security management to vulnerability assessment and security architecture development, this course covers in breadth and depth all the relevant aspects of information security risk assessment and cyber threats relevant to the energy, power and utilities industry in mitigating cyber risks, building cyber resilience and enhancing information security risk assessment.

    Equip Global ’s interactive and applications/case studies driven 4-day Cyber Security for Energy & Utilities Masterclass will provide power, electricity, energy & utilities company attendees with the tools and know-hows of how to plan and strategically develop a cyber security strategy. Through applications on real cases, lessons learned from case studies, project exercise discussions and blueprint strategies and techniques, attendees will find out how they can overcome pertinent challenges to cyber security management whilst practically ensure their that you develop the required security architecture and technology to counter cyber risks and threats.

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