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    Detroit, Michigan

    Welcome to Automotive IQ’s 9th Annual Automotive Cybersecurity Detroit Summit!

    Given the increasingly complex and accelerated environment of emerging automotive cyber threats, organizations across the vehicle ecosystem must collaborate in order to develop proactive cyber strategies and frameworks that address critical automotive community challenges.

    From cutting edge products and connected vehicle cyber strategies, to understanding current cyber trends and organizational needs, Automotive IQ’s Detroit Cybersecurity Summit delivers a one of a kind networking and learning experience where you will have the opportunity to interact with relevant stakeholders across the Auto Cybersecurity continuum.

    The Detroit Summit will feature key influencers and decision makers from OEMs, Tier 1’s, Disruptors, and other external transport industries as we navigate the most critical opportunities and challenges for vehicle cybersecurity to include ECU security, over the air updates (OTAs), V2V/V2I communications, securing embedded systems, and much more!

    These are certainly exciting times in the automotive industry, as the integration of autonomous and built in internet connectivity for vehicles represents a massive shift in the automotive industry. This disruption is already altering conventional automotive business practices and this is only the beginning.

    Join Automotive IQ at the upcoming Detroit Automotive Cybersecurity Summit for the unique opportunity to participate in our Interactive Discussion Groups, Workshop Sessions, as well as tracks and panel discussions. With 125+ attendees, you will be able to network with security professionals from a multitude of organizations for the opportunity to further bolster your organization’s automotive cybersecurity posture.


    Jonathan Sanders

    Deputy Divisional Director

    Automotive IQ

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