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Content Due Date

Publication Date

January 2018 Cloud Security, IoT Security, Vulnerability Detection 15-Jan 31-Jan
February 2018 Data Security, Supply Chain Security, Incident Response 15-Feb 28-Feb
March 2018 DDoS Defense/Protection, Ransomware 15-Mar 31-Mar
April 2018 Annual PRINT Edition 21-Feb 16-Apr
May 2018 Encryption, VPNs, Next Gen Firewalls, Endpoint Security 15-May 31-May
June 2018 Blockchain Risks, Bitcoins and Crypto, Mobile and Wallets 15-Jun 30-Jun
July 2018 Authentication, Phishing, Best Practices, GDPR 15-Jul 31-Jul
August 2018 Auditing, Compliance, Vulnerabilitiy Management 15-Aug 31-Aug
September 2018 Ransomware, Latest Threats, Time-based Security 15-Sept 30-Sep
October 2018 Breaches, Defenses, Countermeasures, Attack Methodologies 15-Oct 31-Oct
November 2018 Threat Intel, Machine Learning and A.I., Honeypots and Deception Technologies 15-Nov 30-Nov
December 2018 What’s coming in 2019, Proactive Network Security, Regulatory Compliance, New Technologies 15-Dec 31-Dec
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