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WhatsApp zero-day exploited in targeted attacks to deliver NSO spyware

Facebook fixed a critical zero-day flaw in WhatsApp that has been exploited to remotely install spyware on…

Security breach suffered by credit bureau Equifax has cost $1.4 Billion

Equifax revealed its earnings release related to the security breach suffered in 2017, the incident has cost…

Over 100 flaws in management and access control systems expose buildings to hack

Security researcher Gjoko Krstic from Applied Risk discovered over 100 vulnerabilities that expose buildings to cyber attacks….

LightNeuron, a Turla’s backdoor used to compromise exchange mail servers

Russia-linked APT group Turla has been using a sophisticated backdoor, dubbed LightNeuron, to hijack Microsoft Exchange mail…

New MegaCortex Ransomware targets enterprise networks

Experts at security firm Sophos discovered a new strain of ransomware dubbed MegaCortex that is targeting corporate…

ElectrumDoSMiner botnet reached 152,000 hosts

Researchers at Malwarebytes are monitoring the evolution of the ElectrumDoSMiner DDoS botnet that reached 152,000 infected hosts….

Signed Malspam campaigns hit Europeans with Multi-Stage JasperLoader

Experts observed several malspam campaigns using signed emails to deliver the GootKit banking Trojan (aka talalpek or…

Magecart skimmer scripts hosted on GitHub infected 200+ e-commerce sites

Security experts discovered hosted on GitHub the skimmer scripts used by Magecart cybercrime gang to compromised Magento…

OilRig APT uses Karkoff malware along with DNSpionage in recent attacks

Iran-linked OilRig cyberespionage group is using the reconnaissance malware Karkoff along with DNSpionage in recent campaigns.Iran-linked OilRig… forces password reset after a security breach

Bad news for fitness and bodybuilding passionates, the popular online retailer announced that hackers have broken…

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