Monthly Archives: June 2018

Apophis Squad hacker group is allegedly responsible for the DDoS attack against ProtonMail

A massive DDoS attack hit encrypted email provider ProtonMail, experts believe it was powered by Russian hackers….

Recently discovered RANCOR cyber espionage group behind attacks in South East Asia

Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks have uncovered a new cyber espionage group tracked as RANCOR that has…

CSE Malware ZLab – A new variant of Ursnif Banking Trojan served by the Necurs botnet hits Italy

Malware researchers from CSE Cybsec ZLab discovered a missed link between the Necurs Botnet and a variant…

China Tick APT group targeting air-gapped systems in Asia

Palo Alto Networks experts uncovered a new operation conducted by the cyber espionage group known as Tick APT…

The IoT makes almost anything possible, but it also makes us vulnerable

The Internet of Things (IoT) is having a significant and ever-changing impact on the way we view…

Magento credit card stealer Reinfector allows reinfect sites with malicious code

Cybercriminals used the ‘credit card stealer reinfector’ to reinfect the websites and continue to steal personal and financial data….

Red Alert 2.0 Android Trojan available for rent in the underground at $500 per Month

According to researchers at Trustwave, the source code of the Red Alert 2.0 Android Trojan is now available for rent…

Shine a Light on App Security

Cybersecurity and protecting the network reside squarely in the corporate IT spotlight, yet there’s a shadow area…

Hacking more than 400 Axis camera models by chaining 3 flaws

Researchers from cybersecurity firm VDOO have discovered several vulnerabilities affecting nearly 400 security cameras from Axis Communications….


In 1997, the NSA attacked the Department of Defense information infrastructures and attempted to breach their network….

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